Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to keep Canadians safe online.

The Internet is a part of everyday life. In fact, it's become indispensible to our work, our leisure time and to staying informed of the world around us.

That's why it's important that all Canadians make online safety a priority. Not only to protect ourselves, but to protect Canada as a whole, and generations to come.

We can do it by following a few basic cyber security practices: Choose strong passwords and change them frequently, update antivirus protection and use only protected wireless networks – and ensure we're not leaving ourselves open and vulnerable.

Through this website, as well as through other communications and outreach efforts, the Government of Canada's goal is to increase the awareness of common online threats and make cyber safety as much a part of daily life as the Internet is.

Cyber security is a shared responsibility – one in which Canadians, their governments, the private sector and our international partners all play a role.

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