Entertainment, Games and Contests

The Internet has evolved to become many Canadians' primary source of entertainment, including everything from watching television shows and movies to online games and contests. In fact, we spend more time online than any other user in any other country, clocking an average of over 43 hours every month[1].

But as with everything in the cyberspace, here are things you should do to keep yourself safe so you can enjoy the experience without worry.

Online Gaming

If you're an online gamer, there are a few things you can do to ensure safe Internet gaming to keep your private data and information secure.

Online Contests

Online contest scams have become one of the most common Internet scams. Be a real winner - know what to look for and protect yourself from fraud.

Digital Media

Downloading digital media files including music, video and torrent files can expose your personal information. Know the risks and stay safe online.

[1] Source: comScore 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review

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