Privacy Policies

Reputable websites should always have Internet privacy policies in place. It's in your best interest to take a few moments when you visit a site to review the privacy and security settings. Review these on a regular basis since they can change.

What to look for in a privacy policy:

  • Are they easy to understand?
  • Are you clear on how your information will be used and stored?
  • Will your information be shared with others?
  • What security measures will they take to protect your information?
  • Does the site use Internet cookies? A cookie saves your information and sends it back to a website when you visit it again. That means the company site you visited can not only track your surfing behaviour, but also may sell your information to third parties who will send you unsolicited mail and email. For more information, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Keep in mind that anything and everything you post about yourself could become the property of the website and may be seen by anyone on the Internet. Even recruiters and potential employers who may be checking you out online to see if you're right for a job.

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