Children, teens and mobile use

Most children and teens today rely on their mobile phone as their main source of communication. They text, surf, upload pictures to social networking sites and have full conversations without ever dialing the phone.

So what can you do to ensure they're being smart about the information they're sharing? Talk to your child about these mobile phone safety tips:

  • Make sure the phone has a strong password and activate other security features before your child uses it.
  • Remind your child to think before they text. Messages can be misinterpreted and also forwarded.
  • Their mobile number should only be given out to people they know. Likewise, they should know not to share anyone else's number without permission.
  • Tell your child to ignore messages from people they don't recognize.
  • Be firm about the risks of meeting face-to-face with someone they met through text messaging. Ask that they tell you if they're going to do this, and also where they plan to meet.
  • Make sure your child has someone's permission before taking pictures or videos of them with their phone and vice versa.
  • Learn how to turn off geotagging on your child's phone so that photos don't reveal their location.
  • Make sure you know how to block others from calling your child's phone. Using caller ID, you can block all incoming calls or block individual names and numbers.
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